Monday, February 13, 2012

80's Music Monday: A Sort of Eulogy

To be perfectly honest, I never really cared for Whitney Houston, I thought she was dull. She reminded me of a lounge singer; a general crowd-pleaser with no personality to speak of.

BUT. This song I liked. And the video is about as 80's as you can get.


Tigershark06 said...

Well rude (your blog gave me the finger when I tried to leave a comment here).

Meh...I was saying that I liked Whitney, but wasn't a raging fangirl over her or her music - and I had no desire to watch her act.

I also wanted to mention that I've been wanting to comment on each page you've posted since joining the community, but you don't have a commenting system in place. Have you ever considered Intense Debate or Discus so you can get immediate feedback? I have the former system on mine an I love it!

JSusskind said...

I was thinking of installing Intense Debate, got sidetracked, then decided that since I rarely got comments on the old site it might not be worth the trouble. This is actually the first time anyone has expressed an interest in commenting, so I guess I'd better do it now. :)

Tigershark06 said...

:D I'm such an instigator!

Wretched Refuse said...

I too have One Whitney Song. It's "I'm Your Baby Tonight." It has two bridges. Two!